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Aims management is more than typical artist management: It's a talent factory where you can reach for the stars and realize your biggest dreams, visualize them and make them a reality with a team of professionals.

Our in-house talent and creative team works hand-in-hand with our brand partners to identify their goals and reach their target audience.

We guide our Talents from the very beginning: Our goal is to ensure that they have enough capacity for their creativity while we communicate with brands and position their channel on the market. Because for us, our artists are more than a number - they are individuals with big dreams, incredible talent and high standards. 

Loyalty, transparency, humanity, diversity. These are our building blocks for every collaboration - whether with our artists or clients. 

At Aims Management, we work according to the principle "diversity starts with companies". As specialists in ethnic marketing, we have made it our goal to represent influencers with a migration background and give them a voice. Our talents are storytellers that have been cherry picked for their passion, authenticity and professionalism.


With our many years of know-how in influencer marketing, we motivate them and manage to identify and exploit potential together with them. Thanks to our open corporate culture, we are trusted not only by our creators, but also by global companies from the fashion, beauty & lifestyle sectors. We make sure that not only the brands get the best out of the partnership, but also invest time in the development of the artists - and that's where the magic happens!


Madina Saleh is working in media since 2008. She can't stop being creative and knows hot to sell ideas. One of her daily slogans: "Building a network is the most important thing you can work on." 

Having her as a leader means working in the most dynamic and creative team and learn how to use your superpower. 

Ilia Shayesteh is an entrepreneur to the core. working with people is one of his top skills. Before he started with Aims Management, he was working as an adviser for soccer players. That experience thaught him to handle talents very well, in every situation. Honesty and quality wins - always. He sees the potential even before the talent knows about it and working with numbers is his passion.  


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